Honor the trolls in your life under March’s full moon. The moon is a compass point that emphasizes our in-between place in this world. This super moon on the spring equinox shows us a glimpse of how far we’ve come from the shadows of the long winter that is behind us tonight.

Trolls are creatures of betwixt and between. As magical beings they often cause trouble for humans but not without great reward.

In one traditional Scandinavian tale a peasant girl about to marry a prince in disguise insisted on seeing her lovers face. The prince was snatched away by a curse and taken to a castle east of the sun and west of the moon, doomed to become the husband of the troll princess. Our girl Friday manages to rescue him by means of clever dealings with the troll princess, thus proving her self and earning his love. Had she been patient for a year and a day, all would’ve been well and comfortable, but instead her magical journey brought her to a place where she learned her own strength and worth.

We’ve all been in the state of limbo and it’s really a joy, but once the experience brings us to the portal of a new phase of life. You have only to realize your own potential and listen to what the universe whispers in the winds of fate chiming in your soul. Learn from trolls and walk through the enchanted doorway without fear into your greatest story. Remember those who test us make us stronger.