My beloved sweet angel of love and light; I miss you more every day.

“Life is eternal, and love is immortal, and death is only a horizon; and a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight.”

~Rossiter Worthington Raymond

The color of love

Sunlight filtered through
Fiery autumn leaves
Ginger spunky cattitude
Meowtside morning with coffee

Pleading silent meows
Impatient meowls
Trini bop

Befriending chipmunks,
Carrying them like kittens into the house
My soul baby of fur and whiskers
Golden warmth on cold mornings

Loud chainsaw, drums beating
Train thundering on the tracks
Morning purr behind closed eyelids

Lionhearted Trinicus chasing after deer
Sun beam sentinel stalking his mouse field
Hungry little head butts
Cat bed naps under my feet

Bonfire smoke
Glowing coals and burning wood

Fuzzy face nuzzling, cold wet nose
Silent meows and midnight meowls
Trini sounds, snores and twitches
Curled up beside me on winter nights

Agony under fluorescent lights
The whir of the machine
That spins the blood
While my fingers
Hold your fur and bones
My eyes waterfalls
Your eyes empty

Love is
All the colors of life
And Death

Kamala Rose for Trini