The September full moon marks the Harvest Moon, the full Moon that occurs closest to the autumn equinox which divides the day and night equally, getting ready to embrace the light and shadow within and honoring the impending dark. If you are seeking protection, prosperity, security, and self-confidence, or harmony and balance, then fall in love with Mabon season, which falls on Friday, September 21st and ends on Saturday, September 29th.

The peak of harvest, where farmers were able to work late into the night by the light of this Moon produces abundance of nature; corn, pumpkins, squash, beans, and wild rice and harvests of herbs that support the harvest of Autumn Equinox. It is a good time to shed what no longer fits into your life and help you invoke what you truly desire for the rest of the year and darker half. Like the trees, we can prepare,beautify and shed our leaves too… anything weighing us down, limiting beliefs, habits or patterns that no longer serve us.

The Druids called this celebration, Mea’n Fo’mhair, and honor the The Green Man, the God of the Forest, by offering libations to trees. Offerings of ciders, wines, herbs and gifts that are appropriate at this time.

Symbols of Mabon:
Wine, gourds, pine cones, acorns, grains, corn, apples, pomegranates, vines such as ivy, dried seeds, and horns of plenty.

Herbs of Maybon:
Acorn, benzoin, ferns, grains, honeysuckle, marigold, milkweed, myrrh, passionflower, rose, sage, solomon’s seal, tobacco, thistle, and vegetables.

Foods of Mabon:
Breads, nuts, apples, pomegranates, and vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, and onions.

Incense of Mabon:
Autumn Blend-benzoin, myrrh, and sage.

Colors of Mabon:
Red, orange, russet, maroon, brown, and gold.

Stones of Mabon:
Sapphire, lapis lazuli, and yellow agates.

Mabon is the threshold for the darker half of the year. A balance of light and dark, the Autumn Equinox gives us a balance of day and night and is a beautiful reminder of balance and harmony within and without. The full Harvest moon facilitates emotional release via water as we enter this season of equal parts day and night, we are ushered into a period of rest after this years harvest. Enjoy ~